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Mickey Gall, the unknown fighter who will battle CM Punk in Punk's UFC debut next Saturday, at UFC 203, isn't speaking kindly about the former WWE star's latest training video.

"He moves like food," Gall told FOX Sports. "He moves like a wounded animal. I just don't see it in him. He's with a great camp, so I'm sure he's improved a lot — it's just not going to be enough. There's nothing I can see other than me dominating him."

Punk, 37, has looked unimpressive in footage that has been released to the public.

He moves slowly in the footage, and seems to lack a sense of urgency.

Gall expects to destroy CM Punk.

"I have to set an example and make an example out of him," Gall told FOX Sports. "Anything less than me dominating him and devastating him, I would be under-performing. So I do feel the burden to represent MMA fighters, but I welcome that. I want to represent for all my fellow MMA fighters."

Gall said Punk is not on his level.

"It's a mismatch," Gall told FOX Sports. "He's not on my level. He's not athletic like me. He has a two-year-old's vocabulary, I have an 8-year-old's vocabulary. We've been doing this a different amount of years. He's not the athlete I am. He can't move like me and I really plan to exact those things on Sept. 10. I want to show the world."

All of that may be true, but can Mickey Gall do any of this?


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