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While constantly keeping hopeful fans on the edge of their seat about a return, Georges St-Pierre has kept busy.

He has searched for dinosaur bones on the History channel, and became a movie star, but after fighting the first "Avenger", a legendary "Kickboxer" and even Sensei Steven Seagal himself on the silver screen, has the former UFC Welterweight champion bit off more than he can chew?

On the last episode of UFC Tonight, St-Pierre analyzed his film opponents. "Well, [Steven] Seagal has very fast hands; I couldn't get to him. [Jean-Claude] Van Damme has amazing dexterity in his leg, he was keeping me at bay and peppering me with his kicks," St-Pierre said. "Captain America is just a different breed of athlete. He's got like his magic trick, his power that I couldn't match. And there is only one man left for me to try and fight—Chuck Norris."

Kenny Florian warned St-Pierre that he was 'playing with death' and it seemed like GSP knew he made a serious mistake.

"I know, that might be the end of Georges St-Pierre," St-Pierre replied. "Actually, I shouldn't have named his name. Chuck Norris would have annihilated me. He would not only destroy my acting career, but destroy my own life."

St-Pierre knew what he had to do. He made a praying gesture with his hands and apologized immediately.

"Chuck, if you're watching, I want to be your friend. I made a joke, I am so sorry."

I hope it's not too late.


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