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Weight cuts are not easy for anyone, but it seems that they are especially hard on CM Punk.

Punk spoke today on the UFC 203 media call to talk about his upcoming fight with Mickey Gall. However, while the hype for this fight has been building for some time, it could be in jeopardy, as he revealed he was having trouble with the weight cut.

"It's terrible. I'm above 200 pounds right now and it's not going good."

CM Punk and Gall will be competing at the welterweight limit of 170 pounds. With just over a week left until the fight, CM Punk is going to have to drop weight fast. If he's successful, it will be one of the most brutal weight cuts in recent memory for the UFC.

The organization has recently changed their weigh-in guidelines to help promote fighter safety. Fighters weigh-in earlier in the day to give them more time to re-hydrate. However, there are also suggestions that fighters should be within eight percent of their contracted fight weight at the beginning of fight week (typically the Tuesday of fight week, when they check in). If that rule was strictly enforced, CM Punk would have to get down to around 185 before Tuesday.

Gall, who was also on the call, was happy to hear that news, saying "it's fine by [him]" that Punk is overweight. He is looking forward to getting 20 percent of his purse if he misses weight.

CM Punk did not take it lying down. "It would be the most money you made in your entire life, and if you think I'm giving you any of my purse, you are f---ing crazy."

When asked how he plans to remedy his weight issues, Punk joked, "amputation."

There are a lot of obstacles ahead for CM Punk as he prepares for his UFC and pro MMA debut. Gall is a surging welterweight and will surely test him in the Octagon. Add on this weight cut, and CM Punk is in for a serious battle.

The weigh-ins for UFC 203 are next Friday, so we will have to wait and see if Punk can make weight. Regardless of the outcome, it may be one of the most interesting weigh-ins this year.


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