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Josh Molina

CM Punk, the former WWE professional wrestler, will finally make his MMA debut at UFC 203, in one of the most anticipated debuts in MMA history.

Punk, 37, is attempting to jump from the wildly popular WWE to the UFC, without an amateur professional fight. To many MMA fans, Punk is to the UFC, what The Miz is to hardcore WWE fans. He's a guy getting a big push that doesn't deserve it.

To Punk's pro wrestling fans, UFC is the equivalent of MMA heaven. The talented, charismatic wrestler who walked out on the WWE, is now going to conquer the UFC. That's the hope, anyway.

It will be up to him to prove the haters wrong and his fans right. Can he do it? Stranger things have happened. Punk is one of the most determined people on the planet. He believes in himself, and if he thinks he can defeat Gall, he will have a chance.

Below is a video of Punk training for nearly 30 minutes. Among the things that standout? He's a hard worker. He cares about getting better. He wants to be a good MMA fighter.

He's also slow. Really slow. His standup is fairly weak. Is he just trying to fake us all out by not showing us his best? We'll find out in the opening match of UFC 203.


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