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Justin Golightly

At this point, Conor McGregor's next fight is more predictable than Ronda Rousey's. After teasing promotional images, maybe a subliminal advertisement, and Dana White saying Rousey would not be fighting in New York, there are still no answers. As of right now, Rousey is tentatively scheduled to return in 2017, and supposedly, will get an immediate title shot.

In the most recent update, Travis Browne lets us know that everything seems to be going well. ESPN's Brett Okamoto spoke to Rousey's boyfriend and current UFC Heavyweight for a story, and naturally she came up.

Hopefully, this and the hundreds of 'FTA' hand wraps Rousey shared on Instagram, means she will be coming back sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the other ladies have been playing hot potato with the women's Bantamweight title.

While we wait on Rousey, Browne will fight Fabricio Werdum in the co-main event on Saturday, September 10th, in Cleveland, Ohio at UFC 203.


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