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Michael Bisping already has his next fight planned after his upcoming title bout at UFC 204.

The current UFC middleweight champion, who's scheduled to make his first title defense against Dan Henderson at UFC 204 in England, officially challenged retired UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre to a fight in December.

"Quit being a p**sy Georges," Bisping told Daily Star Sport. "I officially challenge Georges St-Pierre to a fight in Toronto in December. I would love to fight Georges St-Pierre in December in Toronto. I fight in October, I could make it in December. That's two months. Easy peasy lemon squeezy."

As an active fighter and champion, there were constant talks of St-Pierre going up a weight class to face then king of the middleweight division, Anderson Silva. However, unlike the fans, St-Pierre never really showed much interest in competing at a higher weight. Bisping believes he was the answer for that, proposing a catch-weight bout.

"I'll fight him at 180lbs. Right here, right now, I challenge him." Bisping said. "Georges St-Pierre, put your big boy boots on, get your gloves on, get your mouthpiece on and get with Freddie Roach. If you want to do it, let's go."

Earlier this year, the talks of St-Pierre possibly returning to the Octagon got a little more serious. Now, the former champ has expressed his desire to return to UFC action, and has entered the USADA testing pool, a requirement to be able to compete in the organization. He's also hinted at the possibility of returning as a middleweight, as well as interest in fighting Bisping.

The 35-year-old Canadian walked away from the sport as the UFC welterweight champion riding an impressive, 12-fight wining streak. St-Pierre last fought at UFC 167 in 2013, defending his welterweight title against Johny Hendricks.


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