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Tito Ortiz is going through pre-camp right now, trying to figure out the last fights he'd like to put together to round out his career. Last month, he expressed interest in fighting Royce Gracie at Madison Square Garden for either his last fight, or at least one of his last fights.

In this latest interview, Tito states that Gracie turned down a fight with him. However, the Huntington Beach Bad Boy has some other ideas about his last opponent.

"Let's make it an interesting fight; let's see if Fedor can get down to 205," Ortiz said.

Another fight that Ortiz mentions is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, but it seems like Fedor Emelianenko is what he may have his heart (fists?) set on. From what the "Huntington Beach Bady Boy" says, he may not be the only one at Bellator who is interested in that match-up.

"They came to me actually about it, actually Scott [Coker] did. Scott came to me about it and I was like, If he can make 205, right on. I'm down for it. Let's do it," Ortiz said. "Fedor's a big cat. I did a press junket with him in England and god, he's 6"1', about a good 245, 240, he's a big cat. [...] I know my limits and I respect the guy, but at the same time, he makes 205—let the beatings begin."

As far as the possibility of a catch weight bout?

"Possibly, that's a good idea too, we'll see, It's up to them."

Watch the interview, in full, below and tell us what you think about Ortiz and Fedor fighting each other?


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