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Justin Golightly

After Nate Diaz finished the grueling battle at UFC 202, he went to beach parties, probably contemplated Cabo and was just seen hanging out with Snoop Dogg. Conor McGregor, on the other hand, humbly got a shoulder pat from Kanye West and went right back to training.

In the latest episode of The Mac Life, McGregor is doing some training just two short days removed from his bloody, five round war.

Who knows, Diaz probably ran a ridiculous amount of miles and did living room jiu-jitsu with his brother the next day, but seeing McGregor get to work so early after his fight is impressive. Not only does it show his drive, it could mean he's trying to stay in shape in case of a quick turnaround for UFC New York.

This video only brings forth more questions than just McGregor staying tip-top for his next fight: Is this some highly, sophisticated work-out machine from Rocky IV? Who is this yoked bodybuilder keeping track of McGregor's output via his iPhone app? Where can one buy those socks?

Watch McGregor do some machine skiing and limp away to drink a protein shake below.


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