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Killing Salazar? More like Killing GSP.

Former (and possibly returning) UFC star, Georges Saint-Pierre went toe-to-toe with action movie legend and aikido guru, Steven Seagal in a new clip from their latest, likely straight-to-DVD project Killing Salazar.

While the film looks laughably bad, the fight scenes aren't too over-the-top or outrageous. Although, it's hard to believe that Seagal would ever stand a chance against an ex-champion like GSP in a real life battle.

Killing Salazar was released in a few countries earlier this year, but has yet to find it's way to theaters in the United States and most other major markets across the world.

According to IMDB, the film follows an "elite team of DEA agents" that's forced to offer protection for a drug lord and must hideout in a luxury hotel while waiting to be extracted. Of course, things go wrong and the team has to deal with an ambush by the crime boss' old associates. So, it's like every other Seagal movie ever made, just with 100 percent more GSP.

Judging by the clip, it looks like the former champ is playing one of the bad guys who's trying to take out the drug lord, while Seagal is obviously the DEA team leader, because who else has the martial arts acumen to be in that role?

At the very least, GSP is staying loose and limber thanks to his stunt work. Hopefully, his possible Octagon return will go better than his Killing Salazar character's fate.

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