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News broke this week that a fan has filed a lawsuit against Jon Jones for not fighting at UFC 200.


According to, the fan, Sean Slattery, filed a lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court against Jones and his management team after purchasing four tickets to what was being advertised as the UFC's biggest event ever.

A portion of his complaint reads:

" Jones was dropped from the fight card after officials learned that he had tested positive for banned performance-enhancing and/or masking substances. Plaintiff was thus robbed and defrauded of the value of the tickets, wherein he suffered both economic and non-economic harm, as a result of Jones’s actions in violating anti-doping regulations, and First Round’s complicity therein. In the alternative, Jones failed to disclose other controlled substances, and in doing so was negligent, to the relevant testing officials which again deprived Plaintiff of the value of his tickets."

Okay, let's break this down... he's probably not going to win this suit, and here's why:

1. According to a press release sent out by the UFC after Jones was removed from the card, tickets were refundable upon request, meaning he could easily have had the money refunded. If he bought from a third party that did not offer refunds, that's on him, not on Jones.

2. When you purchase tickets, there is a disclaimer that "cards are subject to change." We all know this is MMA, and changes happen (a lot). That's just the nature of the business. I can't tell you how many fights I have gone to where the main or co-main was different than originally advertised.

3. Jones is a loose cannon anyways. He's been removed from a card prior, so it's not unlikely that it could happen again.

I mean, I could really go on and on.

A case management conference is currently scheduled for Feb. 3, 2017, so we should know if this will move forward after that.


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