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Amy Kaplan

Hunky former middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold wants to be a model.

I bet he has a really good blue steel.

Rockhold said he was heading to New York to sign a modeling contract, so it's going to happen.

“I will be going to NY Fashion Week next week and I’m looking to sign a modeling contract,” Rockhold said during the MMA Hour. “I’ve got offers from one of the top two brands."

He went on to say that he's lucky he hasn't been damaged too much in fights, so the modeling opportunity is a good fit.

“My face has never been cut or badly bruised in any of my fights, and I’ve fought the best in the world,” he said.

Perhaps he should take some tips from UFC's Alan Jouban who also models on the side. And by on the side I mean he casually models for the most famous clothing brand in the world - Versace.

Don't worry fight fans, Rockhold isn't walking away from the Octagon anytime soon.

“I’m a fighter at heart, but I’m here to get paid. We’re talking big numbers,” he said of what the potential contracts could entail. “I’m not gonna go out there and put my body through (fighting) when I can also get paid (for modeling). I beat my body down during training and fighting, and my opportunities have grown recently, so I’m dabbling with that.”


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