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There is a pattern that penetrates Conor McGregor's career, at this point. After the hype, training and then the media blitz, there is the speculation following an unexpected win. Ever since avenging his loss to Nate Diaz, that's what the fight world has been doing; speculating.

No one can know for sure what McGregor will decide at this point—maybe not even McGregor himself—but the words from his coach are the closest available. In his latest piece for The 42, McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, not only thinks Eddie Alvarez is next, but that McGregor can win the UFC Lightweight title in just two rounds.

"I would see it as a much more straightforward challenge than Diaz," Kavanagh said. "If and when that fight is announced, I would be leaning towards a second-round knockout in Conor’s favor."

Just because Kavanagh believes McGregor can put away Alvarez in two rounds, doesn't mean they'd be taking him lightly. "I would never underestimate an opponent, so if the Alvarez fight is announced, we’ll train just like we did for the Diaz [fight]," Kavanagh said. "Pushing Conor to his absolute limits in the gym, finding suitable training partners and building on that incredible cardio that we gained over the last couple of months."

It seems like those rigorous, expensive camps will continue. Not only that, but maybe Kavanagh is already breaking down a game plan for Alvarez, or at least looking at his previous fights.

"If you look at Alvarez’s fight against Anthony Pettis, which is a good reference point stylistically, he won by split decision, but I think he was quite fortunate. Luck was definitely on his side," Kavanagh said. "While Pettis has good kicks, he doesn’t have Conor’s hands. I’d expect Alvarez to run into those hands quite often in the first couple of rounds."

Everything is up in the air, of course, but one thing fans won't have to "speculate" about, is McGregor's power.


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