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I grew up in Las Vegas so I have learned to love watching people fight and talking about it.
Jack Sullivan

The final fight of the UFC prelims came to a close in exciting fashion, as "Smile'N" Sam Alvey defeated Kevin "King" Casey by TKO late in the second round.

The fight started off slow for both fighters, as neither wanted to play into the other's game plan. Alvey wanted to make this a striking battle and Casey needed the fight to go to the ground.

In the first round, Casey was close to a takedown, but Alvey's defense was too much for him. Alvey began laying down elbows and punches to close out the round that had Casey looking for an escape.

Alvey continued the pressure and dropped Casey two minutes into the second round. Though he initially tried to work the ground and pound, he backed off and let Casey up.

Things did not get better for Casey, as he kept taking punishment for the last three minutes of the round. He was dropped with under a minute left in the fight and was intelligently defending himself for some time, but could not withstand the pressure. The fight was stopped at 4:56 of the second round.

Alvey, always willing to put on a show during post-fight interviews, asked to be put on the UFC 204 card with teammate Dan Henderson. Though he himself is a middleweight, he also was open to the idea of taking on any light heavyweight who would want the fight.

Whether he gets the fight in Manchester or not, Alvey will be happy with his performance tonight. As always, Alvey will be all smiles.


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