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It looks like former UFC Light Heavyweight, Matt Hamill wants one last shot to get back into the UFC Octagon.

With the amount of money these cards have been racking up this year, it would be a smart thing to try and do. It seems like Hamill is shooting for the stars, as well, by focusing on the sure-to-be-gigantic, New York UFC card. Not only will it be historic, but New York is Hamill's home state.

Perhaps known best for his controversial "win" over Jon Jones due to illegal strikes, Hamill has reached out to the UFC via Dana White on Twitter.

The last win Hamill had was Roger Hollet at UFC 152. Since then, he is on a three fight losing streak, with each fight in a different organization. At 40 years old, Hamill may see it as a last chance for a large payday, and to close his UFC book—or maybe his career—with a solid victory.

UFC 205 takes place in New York City at Madison Square Garden on Nov 12, 2016.

Watch Hamill's last fight which took place against Sokoudjou at Venator FC 3.


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