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Ryan Matsunaga

Despite her young age, 24-year-old Helen Maroulis is already an icon in the wrestling world.

She's medaled four times in international events, including a gold at the 2015 World Wrestling Championships. She followed that up this year with a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, defeating Saori Yoshida (who many believed to be the greatest female wrestler of all time), and becoming the first American ever to take a gold in women's freestyle wrestling.

After demonstrating that she's already one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, many are wondering if she could be the next big thing in women's MMA. After all, WMMA's biggest star Ronda Rousey transitioned to MMA after medalling in Judo at the Olympics.

When asked about the possibility, Maroulis said she will "definitely wrestle in 2020 [at the Tokyo Olympic Games]," but she did not rule out the possibility of an MMA debut either.

"There's a possibility," she told TMZ Sports.

At the 2016 Games, Maroulis competed in the 53-kg division (approximately 116 lbs.), which would mean that if she did make an MMA debut, she would likely be competing at strawweight.

In the meantime, the UFC has already signed another Olympic wrestler in Bilyal Makhov. Despite a 0-0 MMA record, the UFC inked a contract with the heavyweight prospect in 2015. Makhov won the bronze at the 2012 Summer Olympics, but was not able to medal this year in Rio.


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