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Georges St-Pierre is ready to return to the Octagon. It just may be a matter of time.

"Mentally, I'm ready to go," St-Pierre told ESPN. "I have my agents. I put my cards on the table. Now, they're going to talk to the new owner pretty soon, so we'll have some news pretty soon. I know there are a lot of rumors, but we're waiting to see what will happen."

St-Pierre abruptly retired in 2013 after a decision victory over Johny Hendricks. St-Pierre was widely considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world at the time of his retirement.

Georges has enjoyed his vacation, resting and even starring in movies, but the time may be right for him to return. New UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley recently called him out.

"Yeah, I'll fight him, no problem," St-Pierre told ESPN. "I want to fight him, no problem. There are a lot of guys calling me out."

If GSP returns, he won't just fight anybody, however.

"There are fights that I believe are good for me, that can elevate me, and there are fights that cannot elevate me," St-Pierre said. "Some guys are like, 'You're ducking.' I'm not ducking nobody. I'm taking a fight that is good for me. There are fights that are good, fights that are not good. Tyron Woodley is a very good fight for me. Nick Diaz is a very good fight for me. Some guys call me out -- a lot of guys call me out."

St-Pierre, however, won't be back in time to fight on the UFC's first show in New York on Nov. 12. He needs to be drug tested by USADA for at least four months before he returns.

"Well, I'm doing the USADA testing process now," St-Pierre told ESPN. "I think I do have a four-month mandatory testing to do before I'm eligible to fight, and because I've been very vocal about performance-enhancing drugs, I don't want a free pass. The last thing I want, is to have an exemption, so people will say, 'Oh, he talks about PEDs, but he has an exemption himself.' It makes me look bad, for my brand, for the person I am. So, I'm in the program right now, but it's four months. So I have to wait four months, unfortunately."


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