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Are Demi Lovato and Luke Rockhold dating?

According to TMZ, they are. (Because of course TMZ knows these things)

Lovato is an avid MMA fan and is seen cheering cage side at most events, and even trains in the sport herself.

Rockhold, the former middleweight champ, is a hunky, Hollywoodesque pretty boy, so it wouldn't shock me to see these two in cahoots.

She just parted ways with her long time boyfriend, actor Wilmer Valderrama (also an MMA fan), and Rockhold has been famously single for some time. In fact, he even turned to the TV show Millionaire Matchmaker to find love.

According to TMZ's source, the pair met at Unbreakable gym in Los Angeles, "hit it off," and have been dating ever since.

It looks like they may have even gotten matching tattoos...

L: Demi Lovato/Instagram R: Luke Rockhold/Instagram
L: Demi Lovato/Instagram R: Luke Rockhold/Instagram


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