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If you're not familiar with comedian Bill Burr's breakdowns of random things, it is spectacular.

His Monday Morning Podcast (and Thursday Afternoon) is basically just him, ranting about everything from sports and traffic to just things in his daily life. He once ran commentary to Pro Wrestling 'shoots', where things go off script in violent ways, and it was amazing. So, of course a break down of UFC 202's main event is not to be missed.

"Unbelievable f-ckin fight, I can't wait for the third time," Burr said.

Once you hear Bill refer to Conor McGregor as the "Burger King guy", you know it is going to be good. What tops that is his pinpoint labeling of Nate Diaz. He just has a blue-collar gift of describing things. "Nate Diaz reminds me of every f-cking dude I ever had detention with or went to summer school with," Burr said. "That f-ckin dude who just, he wouldn't crack, even if he knew you did it, he wouldn't say sh-t."

As a guy who 'lost his last amateur fight in 7th grade'', Burr still manages to run perfect play-by-play on Conor McGregor fighting Diaz. "The f-cking fight starts, he starts kicking Nate in the f-cking leg, everyone one of those I was just going, 'I would quit, I would quit again, I would write an apology to his entire family for stepping into the f-cking-' and Nate's just, y'know, taking it."

Even Burr isn't sold on the winner though. After breaking down the entire fight, he explains why he leaned toward Diaz, but then understands why McGregor may have won.

"He definitely won round three, I thought he won round four and I thought halfway from round four to the end of round five, Conor McGregor was going for this country stroll and kept looking at the f-cking clock," Burr said. "At one point, he was walking away for like the tenth time and Nate's like giving him the finger and sh-t, like 'Where the f-ck are you going,' but I don't know, at the end of the day, Nate was bleeding like a f-cking sieve."

Listen to the highlights below, and you can catch the entire podcast right here.


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