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Justin Golightly

After getting choked by Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor wouldn't take no for an answer regarding an immediate rematch.

It's no surprise that Diaz himself wants no fight other than McGregor for a third time. Sure, the $2 million probably has something to do with it, but getting beat by that 'lil' guy' who punches hard probably is the main reason.

The bruised and CBD vapin' Diaz got on social media—probably before the smoke even cleared—and wasted no time throwing shade in McGregor's direction via sub-tweet.

In classic Diaz form, he plays up the opinion that McGregor "ran," and the infamous trend that Diaz brothers simply never believe they lose the fights that they do. Either way, it may not be this month or next, but McGregor and Diaz will finish their trilogy.

Coach Kavanagh said it best on the MMA Hour by comparing the two to a famous, DC comics Yin and Yang archetype...

“There’s something Batman and Joker-esque about Conor-Nate. They’re destined to do this forever.”

Check out the guilt-trip Instagram post below by Nate Diaz.


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