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Robert De Niro sure knows how to throw a party.

During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the legendary actor chatted with the talk show host about all the big names who showed up to his 73rd birthday festivities this year. A few of the famous faces that stopped by the party include Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel, as well as De Niro's Hands of Stone crew of Edgar Ramirez, Usher, and former boxing champion Roberto Duran.

De Niro admitted that Walken and Keitel are his longtime friends who can usually be spotted at his birthday bashes.

"They're old, dear friends so I always pretty much invite them if I have a party," he told Meyers.

De Niro went on to talk about his experience shooting Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull.

The actor revealed that he actually got a chance to meet the real Ray Arcel, whom De Niro plays in Hands of Stone, while filming the classic 1980's boxing movie. De Niro said that he was impressed with the famed trainer during their brief encounters and called Arcel an "elegant" and "well-dressed" man.

"Not the way you would imagine a traditional boxing trainer," De Niro said.

Aside from meeting the guru of the ring, De Niro's experience on Raging Bull wasn't always the funnest gig in the world.

Not only did he have to get in incredible shape to play pugilist Jake LaMotta, but since the movie spans the fighter's life, De Niro also had to pack on the pounds. The actor said that the joy of letting his diet loose didn't last very long.

"There's joy for the first 10, 12, 14 pounds, and then after that it's torture," De Niro said. "I gained 60 pounds in four months. The first 40 are easy to get off, just get back to your old eating habits. The last 20 or 15 are always hard to get off, so that takes more time. That's the problem."

Considering that he earned a Best Actor Oscar for Raging Bull, we're pretty sure De Niro wasn't too broken up over gaining all that weight.

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