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In one of the most unlikely parings in MMA history, Jon Jones meets Snoop Dogg at a Wiz Khalifa concert.

While it'd be amazing if these guys came out with the most fire mixtape of 2016, it looks like it was all about MMA. Jones did a little bit of slap fighting with Snoop, and even taught him one of his signature techniques.

Although given Jones' track record, hanging out with "Snoop Doggy Dogg" at a Khalifa concert probably isn't the best idea. Can you imagine Jones and Snoop chillin' in a smoked-out, green room? I'd pay an incredible amount of money to hear that conversation...

Snoop: Yo, Bones. You gotta' do Snoop a favor, Fam.
Jones: I knew this was coming. What's that, Snoop?
Snoop: Haha, say it for me, man. Say that thing, Bones dawg.
Jones: Alright, alright, alright... 'Hey pussy, are you still there?'
Snoop: Hahaha! That is my sh-t! Ice cold, Bones. Fashizzle J-Bizzle.

While we can never truly know how that conversation went, we can at least enjoy the video of Jones teaching Snoop how to throw 'dem 'bows.


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