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The wild thing about this MMA fight game is that whenever something big happens, the question is always "What is going to be next?" No sooner did Conor McGregor get his hand raised, and before the keyboard warriors could type "You ran", everyone asked whom the Irishman would fight next and at what weight. Now, it seems more and more likely that the next fight will be at Lightweight.

With absolutely no shortage of options, it would be no surprise if Conor sets his eyes on the 155lb title. Coach Kavanagh, McGregor's coach over at Straight Blast Gym, took to Twitter today to enlighten us on what he sees in the featherweight champion's fighting future.

It looks like McGregor could possibly fight at the huge Madison Square Garden card, or at least that's what the camp is aiming for, and why not? He has the power to push for the largest things possible, so what possiblility could be bigger than the first UFC card in New York? Ireland.

The UFC could put McGregor in that beautiful stadium with Eddie Alvarez, Jose Aldo, or even a boxing kangaroo, and do record-shattering numbers, especially after his career-defining victory over Nate Diaz. If this is later in 2017, it could be the location for the Diaz trilogy closer.

All this speculation, and the only thing that seems certain is 155lbs for McGregor. Sorry, Aldo, but it looks like you may have to wait once again. I'm sure the "Notorious"might be willing to eventually do a sequel, but Jose might have to go up a weight class.

Do you think that McGregor's most likely fight is at Lightweight? Let us know in the comments.


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