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Cody Garbrandt and bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz have "no love" lost between them (see what I did there), and their feud is reaching a boiling point.

The pair were both in attendance at UFC 202, Garbrandt fighting as the main event for the prelims and Cruz sitting in a FOX Sports commentary seat, so it wasn't a shock when the pair ran into each other backstage.

In the newly released footage, you can see the pair shouting something back and forth before security steps in between them and Garbrandt walks off. This is at about the :50 mark. It's unclear in the video what was said, but luckily Garbrandt filled us in.

"I went up to him before the fight, we walked in, we're getting security patted down," Garbrandt said during an interview with The MMA Hour. "He was sitting around there. I just went up to him and let him know, 'Hey, I'm going to knock Takeya out and then you're next,' and you should've seen how scared that dude was. He was looking around to see if security was going to break it up."

And Garbrandt did knock out his opponent, in just :48 seconds to be exact, after which he promptly called out the champion for a fight.

"I said, 'Just get ready for it. You can't run,'" Cody detailed. "I said, 'I should slap you right now, you're lucky I got a figh,' and he was just trembling in fear. I could feel his body radiating fear from me. I felt bad for the guy. He was, he literally had fear. I could see it, I could feel it off him. I can judge someone by body language and eyes. He was scared, looking around like, 'Security will come stop this. Will you come get this animal out of here? Can you get this savage away from me?' and that's what he's going to be trying to do: run in there. Reebok should give him a pair of shoes just to run full-time in the fight. I think he gave [security] a couple hundred bucks and told him thanks for breaking that up, so he could go on FOX and look all pretty and talk all his sh*t. He didn't want to get beat up."

Cruz says he welcomes a fight with Garbrandt, and isn't scared in the least.

"Let the youngster enjoy his hype train fresh off his win," Cruz said to MMA Fighting. "Let his people keep on building that false sense of confidence that they are all instilling into his psyche. Over this period, it's good for him. I kill hype for a living."


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