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If you needed another reason to like Demetrious Johnson, you have one now. Johnson, currently the most dominant UFC champion on the roster, thinks the Pride rule set is the best for MMA. During a UFC fan Q&A session before the Salt Lake City card, Johnson showed he believes that 'Pride never dies'.

"I'd rather have head stomps and kicks to the head on the ground rather than elbows," Johnson said. "I think to kick someone in the head while they’re laying on their back is very hard. Elbows are easy. You can be here and I just cut you and won the fight."

After ONE FC banned soccer kicks, it looks like this mindset is becoming more scarce. Although, at least one other fighter in the UFC agrees with Johnson.

It's not just the ability to punt an opponent's melon, Johnson was also a fan of the longer round format that Pride was known for.

“That’s one of the things I loved about PRIDE, the first round was ten minutes,” Johnson said. “A lot of sh-t can happen in ten minutes. Then the second round would happen, you have another five minutes. Then the third round would happen, you have another five minutes. That’s why I liked the PRIDE rules.”

Check out the video below to see the full Q&A session, and feel free to turn the comments section into a Pride appreciation thread.


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