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Justin Golightly

Figuring out this whole Ronda Rousey situation is like the MMA version of 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego'. Anytime an image is broadcast across every media outlet on the planet, and word buzzes, something comes along and shoots it down. A couple of days after Rousey posts a picture of balled-up wraps, White says she definitely won't fight at UFC 205. What's with all these mixed signals?

That's not even the worst part. Has the UFC stooped to giving us subliminal messages? We all know White saying something usually means the opposite happens, but sneaking thoughts in our brains? You sly fox.

The nefarious ploy in question is the female fighter in the latest ad for the sure-to-be-humongous Madison Square Garden card. Sure, a production dude could have just used some B-roll footage, or the UFC could even be trying to cover their bases if Rousey decides to put down the Starbucks and ippon some ladies.

Is this Rousey? Just look at this suspiciously "rowdy" still from the UFC 205 teaser via Imgur:

What do you think? Does that look like Ronda Rousey?


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