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Amy Kaplan

The epic five round battle between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will no doubt go down in UFC history, and this week never before seen backstage footage was released that detailed the fight's aftermath.

McGregor walked away with the majority decision win, but had difficulty actually walking after the massive amount of leg kicks he unleashed on Diaz.

In the video you can see McGregor using crutches, still in his fight kit, returning back to his locker room. We later learned that he sustained heavy bruising to his shin as a result of the kicks.

McGregor is heard yelling, "Doubt me now!" to the random people lining the hallways backstage, and in a gritty display of toughness, the "Notorious" even stopped to take a photo with a fan, despite being in what we can only assume was a serious amount of physical pain.

Before the video ends, you can hear him joking with his coaches, "Surprise, surprise motherf--kers, the king is back."


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