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Amy Kaplan

Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson had the first of many UFC 204 press conferences last week, and Bisping wasn't as warmly received as one would have thought.

The newly minted middlweight champion was hardly able to get one word out before the thousands of fans began to boo him.

"Shut the f--k up," Bisping said to the crowd. "F--k it, I'll give you something to boo about when I knock this a--hole out. You can f--king boo that. Sit down."

Fortunately, after a few more boos, the fans finally calmed down to allow the presser to continue.

"Quiet down guys," he said. "We've got a press conference."

Bisping will face Dan Henderson at UFC 204, where he will defend his belt for the very first time - and on English soil. The fight is seven years in the making and will give the "Count" a chance to avenge the loss that has followed him ever since.

UFC 204 takes place Oct. 8 in Manchester, England.


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