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Josh Molina

WWE's Randy Orton received 10 staples after Brock Lesnar destroyed him with several elbows to the top of the head.

Here's the WWE broadcast the footage of Orton getting his head closed up.

The "Beast" destroyed Orton with a series of elbows that left the "Viper" bloodied, forcing the promotion to stop the match. The gory ending made Summer Slam and Lesnar the talk of the sports world. Orton will be out of action indefinitely after the beatdown.

Lesnar, who fought at UFC 200 and defeated Mark Hunt by unanimous decision, did not appear on Monday Night Raw.

Shortly after UFC 200, Brock tested positive for performance enhancement drugs and will have a hearing before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday, August 23 to discuss the failed tests.

Regardless of his UFC future, the WWE appears to be building to a rematch with Lesnar and Orton at next year's WrestleMania.


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