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Brock Lesnar can't seem to avoid controversy. The former UFC and WWE champion was reportedly involved in a backstage scuffle with Chris Jericho after the controversial ending to his Summer Slam match with Randy Orton.

The "Beast" bloodied Orton with a series of hard elbows that knocked Orton silly, forcing a match stoppage by TKO. The crowd at Barclay's Arena, in Brooklyn, New York, was stunned by the unconventional ending, as were many of the wrestlers in the backstage area.

One of them was Chris Jericho.

Jericho, according to Dave Meltzer of the The Wrestling Observer, apparently asked backstage agent Michael Hayes if the ending of the Lesnar vs. Orton match was planned. When Hayes didn't answer him, Jericho yelled "that's bulls**t." Lesnar overheard him and told him to, "mind his own business" and called him a "p***y."

The two then scuffled, and at one point Lesnar, according to Meltzer, said he told Jericho to either punch him or kiss him. Triple H and Vince McMahon both had to intervene to break up the chaos.

The beatdown of Orton gained national attention and thrust Lesnar and the WWE into the national spotlight.

Orton received 10 staples in his head after the match with Lesnar.


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