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The movement of the human body and the movement of money are the only things that interest Conor McGregor.

After completing his biggest challenge yet and making more money than he's ever made, McGregor is a king who holds all the cards. Dana White has already tried to give McGregor an ultimatum, but this is a monster he and the UFC created and maybe he will be even harder to control now. It's back to the negotiating table now.

Just imagine McGregor, suited up, sipping $1000 whiskey and talking to White about challenging for the Lightweight title, avoiding defending the title he already has or even a potential boxing match. McGregor has nothing but options, but which will he choose?

4. Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight Title

After McGregor knocked out Aldo in 13 seconds to become Featherweight champion, he immediately jumped right into a fight with Rafael dos Anjos for the Lightweight title. We all know how that turned out, but holding two UFC belts simultaneously has always been McGregor's endgame. From what Eddie Alvarez has said so far, he may be ready to fight McGregor just to shut the 'disillusioned' fans up.

It makes sense that McGregor try to accomplish this before they decide to strip him of his Featherweight title. John Kavanagh, McGregor's coach, seems to agree, and laid out the ideal plan on the MMA Hour:

"I think it would be nice for him to be the champion, get the belt at 55 and then defend it against Nate. I think that would be a pretty amazing fight. Maybe in Croke Park in Dublin. I'd push for that. How cool would that be?"

3. Jose Aldo to Defend His Featherweight Title

One of the criticisms of this Nate Diaz feud—and the "money fight" UFC booking in general—was that the Featherweight division has been held up. Aldo fought Edgar for the Interim title in a division where the champion was completely able to fight, but was up two weight classes, settling a vendetta. Now that McGregor has his win over Diaz, Aldo wants to get his chance at redemption, too.

After McGregor has gotten comfortable at his new weight, it seems less likely for him to make that drastic cut again. However, an Aldo/McGregor sequel at the Garden would do huge numbers.

2. Two Fight Crossover Deal With Amir Khan

This is where things get murky. As McGregor closed a post-fight interview after UFC 202, he expressed that there are many options for a future fight on the table, and some may not be in this sport. Of course, McGregor went back and forth with Floyd Mayweather for months in promotion for something that never happened. Could Mayweather be interested now, though? Either way, this is about another boxer.

Evidently, the former WBA and IBF super-lightweight champ isn't all talk. According to an interview with SunSport, Khan said that his negotiations with McGregor are for real. ...And he wants to fight in MMA and boxing.

“This isn’t just for publicity, it’s real. Conor has been talking about fighting a boxer. He wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather, but Mayweather didn’t want it. If me and Conor were going to do it, we’d do one boxing and one MMA. It would be a two-fight deal and would definitely work."

1. High Noon Showdown With Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone

The always game Cerrone may not be the biggest money fight on the list, but he could be challenging for the Lightweight title soon and Alvarez is a fighter that he's already beaten. If Cerrone becomes a champion, McGregor may find this match-up a lot more interesting. After all, he has always kept the door open for a fight with Cerrone (and just about anyone on the roster) by constantly talking trash.

It's common knowledge that Cerrone fights just about every other card and at multiple weights, so it may be feasible for him to win the title while McGregor heals, if he needs to. McGregor may pull a 'I'll sit back and see' to determine who he awards a "red panty night" to, just like when dos Anjos fought Cerrone the last time. The press conferences alone would sell tickets.


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