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Amy Kaplan

Former UFC fighter Antonio McKee says he was working with a fighter's union when his son said he wanted to fight.

"Before I was booted out of the UFC I was working on [a fighter's association] with the culinary union trying to put a fighters union together," he told to "We had a lawsuit against the UFC and I went to a couple of sit-ins, then my son said 'Dad I want to fight.'"

He said that's when he decided to stop his association with the controversial union in order to give his son the best chance at success.

"I didn't want this to damage his career," he said. His son A.J. has gone on to become quite a fighter, and has amassed a 4-0 professional record.

"I've been the voice of MMA regardless of if people want to respect or heart it," he said. "A lot of fans don't want to believe the sh-t that's really happening, they live in fanland and that's different."

This revelation is coming at the heels of an announcement that a new fighter's association had been formed to promote the well being of professional fighters.

A.J. is set to face Cody Walker for his fifth appearance inside the Bellator cage this Friday at Bellator 160 in Anaheim, CA. The bout will air live on Spike TV.


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