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Amy Kaplan

Cody Garbrandt had one hell of a weekend when he destroyed Takeya Mizugaki in a stunning barrage of punches, eventually downing his opponent in just 48 seconds.

Following the bout, Garbrandt quickly set his eyes to the current bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.

"I'm going to break your jaw," Garbrandt said in his post fight octagon interview with Joe Rogan. "I'm going to show you who your daddy is for real."

Backstage, he echoed that sentiment when asked by reporters about a potential title fight.

"I'll find his chin and I'll have the belt," he said. "I'm in his head, he can say whatever he wants. I grew up without a father for a little bit and he wants to say I have some daddy issues and I was very blessed to have a mother so strong and to be adopted by a great step dad."

"He probably should have kept quiet because now he's woken up a beast," Garbrandt added.


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