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MMA fans around the world were stunned by the news that Brock Lesnar would return to the sport at UFC 200.

The news came as a shock to many because Lesnar hadn't competed in MMA for half a decade; and even more surprising was his subsequent success against a formidable one-punch knockout artist in Mark Hunt.

However, many were unsurprised to hear of the USADA doping violation that followed. In the interest of fairness, it is important to note that athletes can potentially test positive for PEDs without being at fault. There have been cases in the past of tainted supplements or other ingested products making a fighter test positive without intentionally breaking the rules.

Despite this pending USADA suspension though, Lesnar seemed to acknowledge that he could find himself back in the Octagon after fulfilling obligations in WWE. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Lesnar did not shut the door completely on a UFC return.

I've got a few challenges to overcome before I can get there. I don't know. For right now, I'm gonna focus on my WWE career. I wanted to step back in the octagon and avenge my loss to diverticulitis.

Lesnar and his team believe that he has a good argument in his case. A member of his camp for UFC 200 revealed on Reddit that the positive drugs test was due to an inhaler. Lesnar was apparently suffering from asthma at the high altitude.

Joshua Dahl/USA TODAY Sports
Joshua Dahl/USA TODAY Sports

Brock Lesnar is not the only MMA fighter that has, allegedly, wrongfully tested positive. News broke recently per UFC president Dana White that Jon Jones could soon be cleared of wrongdoing as well.


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