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Brock Lesnar knocked Randy Orton out with a series of elbows, in what appeared to be a legitimate beat down that left Orton in a pool of his own blood.

Lesnar wrestled Orton in the main event of the WWE's 29th Annual SummerSlam from the sold-out Barclay's Arena in Brooklyn, New York. The two up to that point had engaged in a tough match, both of them not really holding anything back. Lesnar, of course, is a former UFC world heavyweight champion and one of the stiffest wrestlers on the roster. Orton, a third-generation wrestler, and son of "Cowboy" Bob Orton from the heyday of the 1980s wrestling boom, is known as also being a legitimately tough wrestler, but it appeared that Lesnar took it too far.

Lesnar delivered some wicked elbows to Orton's head, one of which appeared to knock Orton silly, and sent blood squirting out of his head. Lesnar then landed 14 more blows to a defenseless Orton before the ringside doctor stepped in and stopped the match.

Lesnar's initial elbows looked legitimate and Orton never got up after the punches. After the match was over, Lesnar jumped on Orton again, throwing punches that were less hard, and Orton seemed to defend those.

As with everything in professional wrestling, the line between what's real and what's not is always blurry, but it's hard to believe that the WWE would script Lesner to knock Orton out silly, possibly leave him with a concussion, and crack his head open during a live broadcast witnessed by several hundred thousand people.

The bizarre ending overshadowed an otherwise tremendous SummerSlam card. AJ Styles defeated John Cena, in a spectacular match that brought the house down.

Finn Balor, in his Demon King persona defeated Seth Rollins to win the WWE Unversal Championship.

Charlotte pinned Sasha Banks to reclaim the women's title.

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