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A bruised and battered Nate Diaz attempted to explain why he wasn't able to perform at his highest level, in a post-fight interview Saturday night.

Diaz, eyes swollen and face tattered from his five-round war with Conor McGregor, said he suffered an injury leading up to the fight.

"I really hurt my rib," Diaz said. "I got hit in the body, That put me out of sparring about two-and-a-half weeks ago."

Diaz said he had proof of the injury.

"I got that all on tape, just to set it off, not to make excuses," Diaz said. "He should have finished me off."

Diaz lost a five-round majority decision to McGregor Saturday night at UFC 202. McGregor fought a tactically different fight from the first one. He clobbered Diaz with left hands, but when he knocked Diaz down, instead of chasing him to the mat, he stayed up, and Diaz was never able to turn the fight into a ground war. Diaz rallied in the latter rounds, but was unable to do enough to overcome McGregor's aggressiveness.

Diaz said he wants a third fight with McGregor. McGregor said he wants a third fight also, but that he will defend his featherweight championship first.


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