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UPDATE: Conor McGregor has clarified the extent of his injuries, stating that he did not in fact break his foot. Instead, it seems like the injury is to his shin, and it may just be badly bruised, not broken. He will likely undergo an X-ray regardless, to assess the full extent of the damage. Original story follows.

The five round war between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz was one for the books, but it looks like it may sideline McGregor's career for at least a few months.

Jim Edwards of FloCombat has confirmed that Conor McGregor broke his foot during the UFC 202 bout.

McGregor was seen limping out of the octagon following his majority decision victory following his rematch with Diaz Saturday night in Las Vegas.

No official word on Diaz's potential injuries. We will learn the official medical suspensions of both fighters soon.



It appears as though McGregor's injury is to his shin, not his foot as previously thought.

McGregor was seen throwing kicks to Diaz's legs throughout the 25 minute fight, many of which were checked, which is likely the cause of the injury.

You can read our recap on the fight here.


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