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Amy Kaplan

Finally the moment UFC fans have been waiting for since ... the last fight.

Conor McGregor has defeated Nate Diaz.

"Good job today Conor, but we're going for number three," Diaz said.

McGregor agrees but wants Diaz at 155 next time. Sigh, here we go again...

McGregor opened the first round landing multiple shots to Diaz's leg and face. Including shots that downed Diaz early in the round. Rather than pounce, McGregor motioned for Diaz to get back on his feet. McGregor easily won round one.

Entering round two McGregor lands another knockdown, but he wants to stand again and allows him to stand back up. Diaz was unable to have much success in the fight thus far but in the last few moments of the fight Diaz was finally able to get McGregor up against the cage and land power shots to his body and face, but both men survive to fight another round.

McGregor enters round three heavily fatigued, moving slower and less aggressive. Diaz exploits the weakness and gets him against the cage again. Diaz takes this time to trash talk to McGregor, much like the last fight. Diaz unloads a flurry of body shots to McGregor to end round three.

McGregor seems to have a sudden surge of energy going in to round four and takes control of the round landing massive shots to Diaz and avoided being taken down. Both men are bloodied and tired, but neither is giving up. McGregor is fighting his first ever championship round. And they survive a very close fourth round. Entering into round five it could go either way.

The fifth and final round sees desperation from both fighters to finish. Diaz tried for a double leg takedown, but McGregor was able to defend and they stay on their feet. (There was a middle finger thrown around in there too of course) Diaz was finally able to take McGregor to the mat in the last few moments, but neither was able to get the knockout they both promised and they took to the judges.


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