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Amy Kaplan

We all know there is bad blood between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, and we've seen that their camps will back them up need be, so when Artem Lobov (team McGregor) and Chris Avila (team Diaz) faced each other just an hour before the main event all eyes were on them.

It was Lobov who took the win, via unanimous decision (30-27).

Lobov took his time laying copious amounts of kicks to Avila's legs during the first and second rounds, taking control of the cage - and the fight. By the halfway point of round two Lobov had already landed close to 20 leg kicks, most unchecked.

An accidental head butt in the the third round was the only real trauma that Lobov took in this fight, with blood pouring from the wound on his forehead, until he slipped and Avila pounced on the grounded Lobov. Unfortunately he wasn't able to capitalize on the fall and the fight went to decision.

Perhaps this is an omen for the fight to come?

Team McGregor - 1

Team Diaz - 0


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