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Conor McGregor is rumored to be making $3 million for his rematch with Nate Diaz, who is bringing home $2 million. This is only their show pay this does not include sponsorships or PPV bonuses according to MMA Junkie.

McGregor is not shy about flaunting the spoils from his labor: the fleet of cars, the suits, the giant budget for his camp. This has been juxtaposed with Nate Diaz, who recently told a story about how he thought he was "rich" when he earned $15,000. However, it seems like UFC 202 means red panty night no matter who wins or loses.

There is a reason why the internet keeps calling these type of fights, "Moneyweight."

McGregor and Diaz will not be eligible for a win bonus as they will be paid a flat rate. By comparison, the next highest payout on the card is Anthony Johnson who will earn $135,000 to show and a win bonus to match if he defeats Glover Teixeira.

McGregor beats the pay record just a month after Brock Lesnar made UFC history when he took home $2.5 million for his bout at UFC 200.

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