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Josh Molina

On the eve of UFC 202, Brock Lesnar verbally assaulted Conor McGregor, daring him to talk trash to his face.

"I take sh**s bigger than that kid," Lesnar said on the Sam Roberts Show, at a WWE 2K17 promotional event. "I know all you guys play f*****g video games and you live in this f*****g false sense of reality and s**t. I am 290 f*****g pounds This guy's 145 pounds. If he is lucky he gets up and eats his f*****g Wheaties."

Lesnar said McGregor is just trying to make himself more popular by dropping the WWE and UFC fighter's name. Lesnar said in the interview he had 10 "f*****g" words for him. (It turned out to be a little more than that).

"Come here face to face Conor and say it to my face otherwise leave me and the f*****g WWE out of it because I came to your arena and kicked ass now if you want, and your so f*****g tough, come to our arena and kick ass. Get the f**k outta here," Lesnar said.

Lesnar was accompanied by Paul Heyman, who warned Roberts at the beginning of the interview that Lesnar is "not friendly" and "he doesn't like people."


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