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Josh Molina

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz were mostly well behaved at the UFC 202 weigh-ins, except for a few foul-mouthed zingers directed at each other.

It's clear that both of these fighters are ready to throw down -- and looking to take each other's heads off.

"He should have killed me when he had the chance," McGregor shouted during a post-weigh-in interview with Joe Rogan. "Now I am back and I am going to kill you and your whole f--king team."

Surprisingly, the crowd cheered McGregor wildly and booed Diaz. Four armed police officers were on the weigh-in stage to break up any unruly behavior.

Like their first fight, McGregor scored first, but Diaz finished it.

"I always train hard -- to kill," Diaz said. "He's already dead from the last time. This is a new guy. So it's kill or be killed again. USA motherf--kers."

Diaz submitted McGregor by rear naked choke in their first fight at UFC 196.

The two scuffled earlier in the week when the two fighters threw water bottles at each other at a press conference.

The two will rematch this Saturday in Las Vegas.


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