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Nick Diaz won't be cornering his brother Nate for potentially the biggest fight of his career, and it doesn't have anything to do with the incident surrounding the UFC 202 press conference.

Nick is unable to get a coaches license, which is required to be a cornerman/woman, until he pays his fine stemming from his recent suspension.

Nick owes the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) $75,000 of a $100,000 fine imposed after he was popped for marijuana last year. He has served his 18 month suspension, time wise, but has not completed the entire sentence.

"As of this date Nick Diaz is not permitted to work the corner of his brother Nate because he is still suspended," According to NAC Bob Bennett who spoke to FOX Sports.

"Although the term of Mr. Diaz’s suspension expired on August 1, 2016, he remains on suspension pursuant to term 1.03 of his Settlement Agreement because he has failed to either pay his fine in full or enter into an approved payment plan," Bennett said.

Because of this, Nick is not allowed in the locker rooms, the first six rows surrounding to octagon and is not allowed to communicate with his brother, coaches or other corner men in the area in the arena or near the dressing rooms.

Nate is set to face Conor McGregor a second time. Nate finished McGregor via rear-naked choke last time and hopes to walk away with the win again.


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