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Justin Golightly

They say bad blood runs deep. It runs completely buried under the surface of our skin, like lava flowing under the Earth's old crust. But it bubbles and gargles still deeper, transcending time. The blood carries our burdens, the imprint of our ancestor's clenched fists as lines on palms, our bodies molded like putty by war. The blood between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz is no different, as evident by recently uncovered historical documents.

Conchobhar MacGriogair, the distant Gaelic relative of McGregor, had a letter correspondence with Nathaniel Diaz. These two pugilists of the past have left the world evidence of their feud that echoes through the deep chasms of time, and rises to the summit at the two-hundredth and second Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The photo of McGregor's relative and sealed envelope from the Diaz estate.


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