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Middleweight champion Michael Bisping has been vocal about USADA's uptick in finding and flagging potential dopers in the UFC, but for the first time he's talking specifics.

"I hear today that the supplement in question, it's not even a supplement, but the thing that he took was a sex aide - Cialis," Bisping said on his SirusXM radio show 'The Countdown'

Jones recently took to Instagram to say that he expects to be back in the octagon soon, and UFC President Dana White said this week that things are looking good for Jones.

Could Bisping know something we don't?

"Cialis is that how you say it? He took a Cialis but it was a generic version," Bisping continued. "It wasn't a brand name of Cialis. But it was a generic version of Cialis which apparently has estrogen blockers in it. Therefore, that's what he took and he's looking at maybe a little slap on the wrist."

That certainly aligns with what both Jones and White hinted towards.

Jones was flagged for two estrogen blockers shortly before his UFC 200 headlining bout with Daniel Cormier. He is currently suspended while USADA investigates.


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