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Matt Juul

Jean-Claude Van Damme is kicking his way into comedy with his latest project, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which debuted this week on Amazon.

The show is one of three pilots vying for votes from fans in order to get a full season green light from the studio. The other potential series premiering include The Tick reboot and a Kevin Bacon starring comedy called I Love Dick, so there's a lot of competition for the action comedy.

In Jean-Claude Van Johnson, the veteran movie star plays a fictional version of himself who is wallowing away in retirement after stepping away from the world of acting. Oh, and he also happens to be a retired government secret agent with a history of kicking butts and taking names.

The gist of the story revolves around Van Damme's character getting roped back into the spy life thanks to a run-in with an old lover. So basically it's like an espionage version of the actor's popular flick JCVD, just with a dark humor bent and a dash of a love story to it.

Check out the first trailer for Van Damme's new show below.

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