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Justin Golightly

Yesterday, at the UFC 202 press conference, Conor McGregor spiraled Aquafina projectiles at around thirteen, black-clad Stockton ninjas (and one green Jake Shields).

Pandemonium broke out, birds were flipped, and Shields may have tried to steal a writer's lap top to hurl at McGregor—It was nuts. Surely, all of that insanity must have subsided with a days sleep and Dana White's fatherly scolding. Well, just when you thought it was safe to attend another media event...

At the open workout today, McGregor was still fired up and also not done throwing things.

"Fuck the Diaz brothers, yeah? Fuck those cockroaches," McGregor said after being asked about the turnout by Megan Olivi.

For the last question, a media member begins to ask something about a "professional stand point" and is met with McGregor telling us what he really thinks. He puts the exclamation point on the matter by launching the mic in the air like wrapping up a rock concert. The only thing missing was a "suck it" taunt and the Degeneration X theme song.

Even though both teams are banned from the weigh-ins, It certainly seems like this is team against team: DX taking on the nWo, Straight Blast Gym at war against Team Represent, Irish Yakuza fighting the American Ninjitsu clan. UFC 202 is only a couple of days and they battle for blood, money and bragging rights.

Watch the full McGregor media open workout below.


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