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UFC President Dana White doesn't seem to care much about the efforts to form a Professional Fighter's Association. And if it's bothering him at all, he's got a pretty good poker face.

"Whatever, I don't know anything about it," White said at a UFC 202 press conference on Thursday. White rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders when making the comment, clearly wanting to at least appear uninterested.

Jeff Borris of the Ballengee Group is attempting to form a professional fighter's association, to raise average fighter pay, and give athletes more leverage during contract negotiations. It remains to be seen whether the effort will gain any legs.

During the press conference, White added that the winner of the Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and Glover Teixeira fight would be the "likeliest" contender to challenge Daniel Cormier for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

"These two are the two likeliest guys to have it (the title shot)," White said.

White also didn't rule out the possibility of Jon Jones getting a title shot if he is cleared of using performance enhancement drugs though.

"We'll see how this fight goes," White said.

In other words, if the Teixeira vs. Johnson fight is a stinker, then Jones might sneak in there. If one of these guys wins impressively, they are likely to get the title shot.

UFC 202 takes place Saturday night in Las Vegas.


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