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Amy Kaplan

The incident at the UFC 202 press conference yesterday was the second violent outburst at an official event involving Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, and it looks like UFC President Dana White isn't willing to risk another embarrassing scene at the weigh-ins tomorrow.

He has subsequently banned both fighters camps from attending the event.

White confirmed on SportsCenter that anyone from the Diaz and McGregor teams who were present during the incident will be banned from Friday's weigh-in, per MGM security.

The last weigh-ins that either McGregor or Diaz had attended was ahead of their first fight at UFC 196. At that event, McGregor hit Diaz's hand out of his face. Nate Diaz's brother Nick and some of his team then rushed the stage, nearly causing a brawl.

Then of course yesterday, we saw a squabble between McGregor and Diaz's camp which involved the throwing of bottles and cans ... and a Starbuck's drink.

So White is probably correct in banning any additional distractions.

Watch McGregor and Diaz face-off at UFC 202 weigh-ins on Friday, then tune in to see them fight live on Saturday.


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