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Amy Kaplan

I was expecting some words to be thrown around at the UFC 202 press conference, but not objects.

Conor McGregor arrived almost 30 minutes late to the event, and when he finally did show up, Nate Diaz got up, walked down through the media section, and began to leave the room with his whole crew in tow.

Not one to take things quietly, McGregor yelled after him something to the effect of, "f--k your whole team," to which Diaz replied back in kind.

Diaz then held up his signature double middle fingers while walking out, all the while screaming obscenities back to McGregor (which cannot be fully understood as Diaz no longer has a microphone).

"Shut your f--king mouth" McGregor said, still seated to the left of UFC President Dana White. "You'll do nothing. Get the f--k outta here."

Security was seen trying to push Diaz and his crew out the doors when Diaz took his water bottle and chucked it towards the stage. Something was seen flying towards Nate's brother Nick Diaz, but it's unclear who threw it.

Then McGregor stepped out of his seat with his own water bottle and hurls it in Diaz's direction. McGregor turned back to the table and grabbed Monster Energy Drink cans and began to throw them into the crowd. Diaz's camp seemed to be grabbing whatever they can and throwing it right back.

Women were screaming somewhere in the background, and White can be heard asking McGregor not to throw the cans.

Eventually Diaz and his crew left (and were seen just moments later sitting in a casino food court on Nick's Snapchat).

White called an end to the presser and the cameras cut out.

If this was just the press conference, I wonder what the weigh-ins will be like?


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