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Fans may be pumped over the news that Josh Duhamel is coming back for Transformers: The Last Knight, but that just means a lot of hours in the gym for the 43-year-old, action movie star.

In order to get back into shape as William Lennox for the fifth Transformers sequel, Duhamel enlisted the help of the Navy SEALs to put him through some grueling workouts. One of the ordeals was captured in a hilarious, Rocky-style montage video posted on Facebook.

Duhamel along with Chilean actor Santiago Cabrera, who's playing a character named Santos in the film, can be seen in the clip breaking a sweat at the original Powerhouse gym in Detroit.

"As you guys know, we SEALs are masters of endurance and strength," Remi Adeleke says while putting the Transformers stars through the ringer.

Duhamel revealed that he's been working with the SEALs for over a month in order to get back into Decepticon-fighting shape, although he admitted that he's really just trying to work at the same pace as his always buff co-star Mark Wahlberg.

"We're basically just trying to keep up with Wahlberg, right?" Duhamel joked.

Despite the tough gym sessions, the actor credits the workouts for not only keeping him in shape, but also for helping to prevent injuries.

Thankfully, though, hanging around so many tough guys hasn't affected Duhamel's sense of humor.

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